Materials + Care

Welcome to Quinney Collection’s Care & Material Guide!

We’re proud to provide high-quality 14kt Gold Filled jewelry, offering superior durability. These pieces are crafted by bonding a layer of gold to a brass core, creating a robust and beautiful "sandwich" of gold and brass. Compared to gold-plated or Vermeil jewelry, our gold-filled items contain 100x more gold, meeting the gold-filled classification standards.

Over the past 1.5 years, I've personally tested our jewelry in all life's moments, ensuring you get only top-quality pieces.

Why Gold Filled Jewelry?

  1. Durability: Gold-filled pieces resist tarnishing and chipping, making them excellent for long-lasting wear.
  2. Beauty: The gold layer stays intact and maintains a radiant finish, thanks to our unique bonding process.
  3. Affordability: Gold-filled jewelry offers an economical alternative to solid gold without compromising aesthetics or durability.

Cultured Pearls

We also offer freshwater cultured pearls, carefully hand-selected for their premium quality and luster. Given their delicate nature, please handle them with the utmost care, steering clear of harsh chemicals that may dull their radiant surface.

Jewelry Care Instructions

Keep your jewelry sparkling by following these simple steps:

  1. Play hard, but Play Fair: Enjoy your active lifestyle with our jewelry. However, for rough and tumble tasks that might bend, scratch, or pull on your pieces, it's time for a timeout.
  2. Skip the Chemicals: Avoid exposing your jewelry to substances like perfume, lotion, cleaning products, and chlorine. If they come into contact, be sure to clean your jewelry afterward.
  3. Night Off: Give your jewelry a rest while you sleep to reduce stress on the pieces.
  4. Clean Gently: Clean your jewelry every few weeks with mild soap, warm water, and a soft toothbrush. Buff gently with a microfiber cloth for added shine.
  5. Store Safely: Keep your jewelry in a dry, airtight container like a ziplock bag, ensuring it’s clean and dry before storage.

In rare instances, body chemistries can react with metals due to factors like pregnancy, thyroid disease, hormone levels, and medications. If this occurs, try cleaning your jewelry more frequently and if it persists, it might be best to consult a dermatologist. Remember, these reactions are usually not harmful and do not necessarily mean there is an issue with the jewelry.

By following these care tips, you can enjoy your beautiful Quinney Collection jewelry for a lifetime!


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